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Last December we went on a mission trip to Haiti. We visited our school in Marbial and the orphanage located at Petite Rivière.   We have been involved in helping children and people living in Haiti since 2006 and we praise God that we were able to get away during Christmas season and spent that time with the kids to show them the love of Christ.

For the first time in their lives, these children, living in the mountains of this rural community were able to celebrate Christmas like us. We prepared lot of food not only for the kids but also for their parents.   We distributed many gifts to all of them, we shared Christmas stories and watched a movie about God's love for all mankind.

We will continue to work with these kids who are in our sphere of influence to teach them the love of God, to give them an education and teach them a line of conduct with the hope that tomorrow they will change their world for Christ.  

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Medical and Dental Mission

The Foundation organizes a medical mission trip to Haiti every year.  Doctors, dentists, other medical professionals and supporters travel to this poor country and help out those in need. In March of 2009 we cared for over 500 people in five days and in March of 2010 we cared for over 1,000 people. The Haitian people are desparate after the earthquake of last January. We need money, medical and dental supplies, medication, doctors, nurses, and anyone who would like to travel with us in this endeavor. For more information, please contact Joe or Rita Domond at 909.816.7207 or email us at

Please help us bring safe drinking water to Haiti.

The quest for clean water dominates Haitian life. Many die each year from drinking unsafe water. After last January’s earthquake one of the most common reasons for dying is the lack of access to clean and safe drinking water. In the spirit of brotherhood, Jeff Cherubin Domond Foundation stepped up to get clean water to Haitian communities. We have established contact with a manufacturer who builds Hydraid® BioSand Water. Please visit

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