About Jeff


Jeff Cherubin Domond born June 15, 1982 in Pasadena, CA was the first son of his father, Joseph Magellan Domond and his mother, Rose-Rita Domond. He grew up to be a lovely child with many special gifts such as a passion for music, love for people especially children, and most importantly a kind heart. Jeff was always ready to help anyone.

Jeff attended grammar school at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School in Claremont, California and then later attended Damien High School in San Dimas, California. Jeff was currently attending Cal State Fullerton as a senior, with a communication Major, waiting graduation in 2005 when he was called to be with the Lord on September 6, 2004.


Jeff’s life on this earth was very short, but we know that the Lord has a purpose. We knew from the bottom of our heart that we has a look deep and find out why he took him at such an early age. We needed to discover what was the call that GOD had for us in Jeff’s memory. We were guided by his Holy Spirit and founded Jeff Domond Foundation is Claremont, California focusing on a rural section on Jacmel, Marbial of our homeland Haiti.

They shared their wonderful heritage of family, education, and honor with their children. It is with all of these in mind that we decided to mold the foundation in his honor focusing on aid for Haiti where basic needs become luxuries.


The foundation is guided by Jeff’s most desired wish. His wish for children to be happy and for them to have the basis for a healthy life. He adored children.

In this adventure, we are able to capture his smile through these lovely children that are benefiting of a normal life. We know that Jeff is waving and chanting nest to our Lord when he sees these children smiling, reading, dancing and learning.

We know that we are keeping his name alive in our heart and at the same sharing our time by educating these children, ministering others, handing necessities and providing medical cares to those who are desperately in need.

Do you have questions? Are you ready to join us? Can you connect us with others who share our vision? If so, call at 9098167207 or send us an email

Thank you for your support and may God bless!